We Create Products That Make Using Your Wetsuit Easier

Using a wetsuit can be a pain in the 🍑

They make a mess, they're difficult to put on and off, and often times using one can make you look like a crazy person

So we make products that will make your entire wetsuit and surfing experience ..... less of a pain
Check out products you'll love below!

Plastic Grocery Bag Vs. The Surf Banana

There are a couple different hacks or tricks to slide into a wetsuit easier. The plastic grocery bag is one that people sometimes use and I wanted to highlight the main differences between using one vs using the Surf Banana to help change into your wetsuit faster....

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The Surf Banana

Whether you're young or old, stiff or limber, 3/2mm or 5/4mm, dry or wet, rookie or expert, putting on a wetsuit has always been a pain. I designed a simple and fun product to make that process friction free and lightning quick, so you can struggle less and surf more....

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