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Surf Banana

Surf Banana - Slip Into Your Wetsuit With Ease

Surf Banana - Slip Into Your Wetsuit With Ease

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Made from incredibly strong and water resistant materials, the Surf Banana is designed to provide you the most frictionless, struggle free, lightning fast wetsuit changing experience possible.


  1. Insert your foot into the Surf Banana before changing into your wetsuit
  2. Slide your feet through your wetsuit with your Surf Banana on
  3. Feel how easy it slides through your suit
  4. Repeat on your other foot and go surf!   

Benefits of the Surf Banana:

  • Extremely durable, never tears!
  • Slides through Neoprene amazingly
  • Fits your feet well, including a back flap for your heel to fit nicely in at 90 degree angle
  • Protects your expensive wetsuit and increases its lifespan
  • Loop at the toe to make it easy to take off
  • Very small, easy to travel with
Order your Surf Banana today and see why Surfers won't change into their suits without them now.

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Diameter/Width: 26 inch/ 68cm
Height: 4 inch/10cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Cam from Abstract Surfboards

Look, I get it you probably argue that you can just use some cheap, flimsy grocery bag but guess what? after a few uses that puppy will rip and its going straight into the landfill and you know it.

As a daily surfer, and long time board maker in the surf industry I have a solid grasp of durability and let me tell you, I’ve put this surfbananna through hell and back and its holding stronger than ever.

For the folks slipping into your wetsuit without ANYTHING? Save that extra 10 minutes of embarrassing parking lot struggle, get out in the surf faster than ever and get this product already

Take my word..


Thanks Cam! We appreciate you putting the Surf Banana through the ringer! Glad it's held strong
Appreciate ya!!


Birthday gift

It was a birthday gift for my son who surfs- He liked it! Great gift for a surfer! Laine

Great to hear Laine! Glad your son is enjoying the Surf Banana!

Grant Waldron
Looks goofy, works great!

I bought a new 4/3 this winter and wanted to prolong the life of the suit. Slipping in and out of new wetsuit, especially after a cold water surf is a F**King pain! Surf Banana makes that process a breeze and I'm certain my suit will thank me for it. The product looks goofy, but sometimes that's a nice reminder to check your ego at the parking lot and just have fun. After all, when you boil it all down, we're waking up at the crack of dawn, getting dressed up in spandex to ride around on a piece of foam in the freezing ocean. Don't take yourself too seriously. Surf a Banana.

Eloquently said! Thanks for the review Grant! Glad you're stoked on the Surf Banana.

Ken S
Seam ripped on 2nd use.

Recently bought a couple surf bananas. Just got the chance to try them, and was impressed by how well it helped slip into my 4/3. Unfortunately, one got a hole at the end on its second use. The seam just ripped out. Quality needs improvement.

Hey Ken,

Thank you for letting me know and I'm sorry this happened.

This was due to a specific batch of Surf Banana's that weren't very reinforced with stitching. NOTE: This has been fixed and is no longer an issue!

I will send you an updated one to replace the torn one.

Thank you for being a customer!


Ti Neff
Nailed it 🤟🏻

After struggling to get my wetsuit on, I happened upon Surf Banana on Instagram. I figured, “What do I have to lose?” Surf Banana is a game-changer. Getting into my wetsuit is easier than ever. Now all I need to do is lose another 30 pounds and it’ll actually be ‘easy’ - lol

Thanks Frank!! Super nice of you to leave a review. Glad you're stoked on the Surf Banana.