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Surf Banana

Banana Bag -Wetsuit Changing Mat

Banana Bag -Wetsuit Changing Mat

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Tired of your wetsuit creating a mess?

The Banana Bag is our wetsuit changing mat designed to prevent all the headaches and messes associated with wetsuits.

Benefits to you:

  • Change out of your wetsuit on the beach without touching the sand ✨
  • Keep your car trunk SAND FREE and salt water free by easily storing your wet wetsuit in the banana bag while you drive home
  • Keep your clothes and backpack mess free by walking with the strap over your shoulder

Amazing features:

  • Waterproof material to prevent your wetsuit from dripping through
  • Sturdy velcro straps to close and carry long distances
  • Synch chords to close up the Banana Bag and keep your wet wetsuit from dripping everywhere
  • Shoulder strap to comfortably carry your wetsuit while walking to and from the beach


  1. Lay the Banana Bag flat on the ground and change out of your wetsuit while standing in the middle of the Banana Bag
  2. Pull the synch chords up and around your suit, closing the bag
  3. Use our amazing velcro handles or shoulder strap to easily carry your messy wetsuit to and from the beach

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Diameter/Width: 26 inch/ 68cm
Height: 4 inch/10cm

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Customer Reviews

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Nikolas Scoolis
Banana Bag is an absolute game changer

As someone who has always hated changing my suit at the beach because of all the sand that would get stuck on it and then get all over. The Banana Bag has been a complete game changer for my routine. Now I bring it with me to change after a surf, wont head to the beach without it.