About The Surf Banana

Whether you're young or old, stiff or limber, 3/2mm or 5/4mm, dry or wet, rookie or expert, putting on a wetsuit has always been a pain. I designed a simple and fun product to make that process friction free and lightning quick, so you can struggle less and surf more.

The Surf Banana easily slides over your feet and allows you to slip into your wetsuit in no time.

For eons surfers have been struggling with wetsuits, we hop on one foot to balance, grunt loudly as we push and tug, do the penguin walk when we're half way through, or god forbid, ask a friend for help.

Some people put soap in their suit to help, some people use grocery bags which tear off and always raise some eyebrows, and some people struggle in silence.

But surfers are lazy, and we're damn tired of struggling! So we made the The Surf Banana to make the process easy. This product is a reusable, incredibly strong, and waterproof solution to help anyone changing into a wetsuit struggle less and surf more.