Using A Plastic Grocery Bag Vs. The Surf Banana

There are a couple different hacks or tricks to slide into a wetsuit easier. The plastic grocery bag is one that people sometimes use and I wanted to highlight the main differences between using one vs using the Surf Banana to help change into your wetsuit faster.

I grew up using a plastic bag trick to put on a wetsuit but found they tore super easily leaving bits and pieces of plastic around me or stuck in my wetsuit. They also fit awkwardly around my foot because they're too big which becomes tricky when its windy out as they can fly away. They also ended up being banned in my state of California so they were harder to come by.

Due to the amount of plastic grocery bags I was going through to use for my wetsuits I knew there had to be a more reusable and sustainable alternative to this.

So I created the Surf Banana as a simple, fun, and sustainable alternative to the plastic grocery bag. I've constructed it to be:

1. Incredibly durable. Made from some of the strongest material, the Surf Banana never tears and should last a lifetime.

2. Eco-friendly. The average surfer using plastic grocery bags to change into their suit will go through 5-15 bags a year. One Surf Banana should last you a lifetime creating less plastic waste.  

3. Slippery! Coated with a waterproof layer, the Surf Banana is even more slippery than a plastic grocery bag so you slide through neoprene significantly easier and quicker than before.

4. Fit your foot. The Surf Banana is 7.5 by 15 inches and therefore fits more snug onto your feet than a plastic grocery bag. This makes it much easier to put on, slide through your suit, and take off. Additionally we have added a back heel flap so that once you slide your foot inside the Surf Banana, it unfolds and contours to the shape of your heel and foot, creating a better experience.

A visual recap:



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